Message to New Employees

"At Uniden everyone has a major role to play"

No matter how long the path is, or how difficult the challenge, if we can pull together without fear of new challenges, each of us striving, Uniden will become stronger, day by day. Since it was founded, Uniden has consistently placed its philosophy that "people make the company" at the center of its approach to management.

In 2011 Uniden pursued this ideal even further, and under the principle that "everyone plays a major role" we developed a new management system by creating new structures, systems, personnel responsibilities, and operations from scratch.

At Uniden, we seek people who can freely demonstrate their true abilities in a major role.

If this web site has inspired you and prompts you to seek a new challenge, please apply to join us at Uniden. We look forward to see you playing a major role with us.