Education of New Employees

Education of New Employees
New employee training :
For the first week after joining Uniden, new employees are provided with an orientation to explain the relationships and functions of all the Uniden Group companies and divisions.
Practical training :
After new employees are assigned to a part of the company, they are guided in their practical work according to a curriculum for the particular section.
On-the-job training (OJT):
Under the guidance of a supervisor, throughout their first year with the company, engineers undergo training to help them propose work improvements or new ideas.

Skill upgrade seminars

Skill upgrade seminars

From time to time, skill upgrade seminars are held to enhance the special expertise of employees in key areas.

2010 results

C (computer programming language) seminar :
A detailed seminar was established covering a wide range of levels—everything from the fundamentals of C to creating algorithms.
Embedded microcomputers :
In order to upgrade mounting expertise, training with actual boards is conducted even for software engineers.
Other :
It is recommended that employees pursue specialist training in areas relevant to their work.