Information Disclosure Policy

In order that shareholders and investors, customers, local communities, and other stakeholders can accurately and more deeply understand the company, and make a fair estimation of its value, we aim to disclose information about the Uniden Group in a fair, impartial, and timely manner. Furthermore, through the disclosure of information we receive comments from stakeholders, which we make use of within the company as a reference for corporate management.

Standard of Information Disclosure

Uniden complies strictly with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and all regulations stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in relation to the listing of securities. Even in the case of information that is not covered by the regulations on the listing of securities, if we consider it to be useful in understanding the company, we will disclose the information in a fair, impartial, and timely manner. Note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries for certain kinds of information, for reasons of competitive advantage or confidentiality obligations.

Method of Information Disclosure

Company information required by regulations on listing of securities, will be disclosed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's TDnet ("timely disclosure network"), as well as through press releases. The information will then be promptly posted on the Uniden web site. In addition, twice a year we hold results briefings for analysts and investors to disclose full year and interim results. We also utilize various means of communication to provide stakeholders with information over and above essential facts, in a fair, impartial, and easy-to-understand way. To ensure that foreign investors are fairly provided with information, we attempt, as a general principle, to release information simultaneously in Japanese and English. However, due to the need for translation into English, postings to the English pages of our web site may be delayed.

Future Projections

Uniden provides business performance forecasts and other kinds of projections through various IR activities, such as brief announcements submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and results briefings. However, such information is based on available knowledge and on reasonable assumptions at the time of announcement; therefore, due to various uncertainties, many of which are unforeseen, actual financial performance may differ significantly from forecasts and projections.

Spokesperson for IR Activities

In order to ensure accuracy of information and fairness of disclosure, the Representative Director and IR Manager will act as spokesperson for the main IR activities of the company. As a rule, no employee or executive other than a spokesperson will provide information about the company independently to persons connected to the securities industry or to the media. Note that a spokesperson may sometimes delegate their duty to another employee or executive, as and when needed.