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President's Message

Message from Representatives.

Individual Investors

Message and information portal for individual investors.

Information Disclosure Policy

About our information disclosure policy.

Corporate Governance

Basic concept of corporate governance and updates on implementation of related measures.

Financial Data

Change in sales, net profit, current net profit, and other financial data over the last five years.

Accounting Information

Brief announcement on settlement of accounts, support documentation, and archives from the year 2000 and on.

Shareholders' Meeting

Status on General Meeting of Shareholders, Notice of Convocation of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and Notice of Resolutions of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Dividend Policy and Amount

Uniden's policy regarding dividends.

Stock Information

Basic information on Uniden stock and guide to stock administration procedures.

Stock Quotes

Today's Uniden stock price, TSE S1: 6815 (20-minute delay), with stock price recent changes.

IR Calendar

Annual schedule for IR events at Uniden ,including announcement of annual settlement and general meeting of shareholders.

IR Report Archive

IR documents for Uniden, including past financial reports, securities reports, and semiannual reports.

Official Announcements

Notes on Official Announcements. Click here to link to the page listing electronic official announcements.

IR News

IR related news updates for shareholders and investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from shareholders and investors.

Inquiries & Information Requests

Make inquiries or request documentation concerning stock and IR matters.