Scholarships for Vietnamese children

Scholarships for Vietnamese children

Uniden Vietnam, which is Uniden's major production facility, offers scholarships and educational support to elementary school students who would otherwise be unable to attend school due to poverty, so that the children can grow up to become healthy, well-rounded youths that can make a solid contribution to the future of Vietnam.

This initiative is promoted mainly by local staff in the personnel, general affairs, and accounting sections of the Vietnam plant, and targets 14 schools in the province, including 4 in the district around the plant. Firstly, with the help of schools and the local "people's committee," we conduct a survey to identify children who cannot attend school due to the inability to pay the necessary fees. Then a total of 140 children—10 children from each school—are selected to receive the scholarship. The scholarship money is paid directly to recipients once a month.

Every 6 months, we conduct an update assessment. In doing this, our staff are happy when the economic circumstances of even a single child have improved to the extent that the child no longer needs the scholarship.

When we receive vividly drawn pictures, using fresh, new crayons, and messages from the scholarship children, it is a wonderful inspiration. We hope that just like these freely drawn pictures, the children's futures are bright and rich in possibilities. It is with this aspiration that Uniden supports the children of Vietnam.

Pictures by children in Vietnam

Pictures drawn by children during class in Vietnam. (Updated monthly)