Uniden Classic

Japan Grand Senior Open Golf Tournament 	"Uniden Classic	"

On Nov. 9 and 10, 2010, the Uniden Classic, i.e., the "Japan Grand Senior Open Golf Tournament," was held over two days at the Southern Cross Country Club in Ito-shi, Shizuoka.

The "Uniden Classic" was the very first Grand Senior Open Golf Tournament, in honor of the contribution made by all the pro golfers over 60 years of age who have helped to lay the foundations of today's golf world in Japan, and make the sport familiar and accessible to all. Despite some very strong winds during the tournament, many renowned pros including Katsunari Takahashi, Tomoo Ishii, Seiji Ebihara, Seiichi Kanai, and Namio Takasu showed off their veteran golfing skills under a clear blue sky.

The tournament was won by Katsunari Takahashi, a full 9 shots clear of second place. Takahashi demonstrated his overwhelming strength, even scoring a hole-in-one at the fifth, to win this very memorable inaugural tournament.One feature of the tournament that was well received was the wearing of "knickerbockers," which gave the event an elegant air of classic golf, as reflected in its name. And, despite the fact that the tournament was held midweek, it attracted a large number of spectators. All in all, the tournament was a great success.

Charity events held during the tournament collected a total of 2,629,368 yen in donations.  The collected money will be used to support underprivileged children in Vietnam, and  care facilities for the aged in the locality of Ito-shi.

During the tournament, many volunteers from the Ito-shi area cooperated in helping to make the event a success. In the wake of this event, Uniden intends to continue promoting grand senior tournaments and to establish this event as a stage of competition for golfers of all ages. We look forward to your continued cooperation!

Uniden Classic in fiscal year 2010

Outline of the Event 67 players (40 pros, 27 amateurs), 6,394 yards/par 71
Winner 142(0) Katsunari Takahashi
2nd 151(+9) Yukio Noguchi
Tie for 3rd 152(+10)
Seiji Ebihara
Kenjiro Iwama
Akira Yabe
Tie for 6th 153(+11)
Toru Nakayama
Toru Nakamura
8th 154(+10) Noboru Sugai