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The possibilities of being a newcomer "It really was back to square one. Like crawling through a long,dark tunnel...But I realized the vast potential that lay ahead and finally on the other side had a sense of accomplishment like nothing I've experienced before." Kohei Takahashi Assistant Manager, Digital Home Electronics Headquarters  Joined company in 2005

The joy of adding your own color to a blank sheet of canvas.

You joined us midway in your career, right?

Yes. It was an immediate decision made the moment I saw the ad for a completely new sales position at Uniden. Bubbling inside me was the desire to put myself to the test by demonstrating my abilities, using my skills to the fullest in an untainted atmosphere.

What job did you work on?

Corporate sales for LCD TVs. When I joined the company, Uniden had just completed its LCD TV, and the plan was to sell them through call centers, the Internet, and corporate sales. At any rate, Uniden did not have a sales route for home appliances yet.

Infinite possibilities, free of obligatory ties.

How did you go about sales?

Strictly cold calls. I visited and negotiated directly with large-scale users of LCD TVs and monitors, such as hotels and karaoke establishments. This made me realize that this style of sales was possible because of the very fact that Uniden was entering the market as a newcomer, without any obligatory ties to retail stores or distribution routes. It was a start from square one, and so it offered infinite possibilities.

What was the clincher for your business negotiations?

No matter how you put it, it was our pricing. We were half the price of our competitors. But that was not the only factor. For instance, hotels have a need for a so-called "hotel mode", such as the ability to lower the maximum volume so that it doesn't annoy other hotel guests, and to assign hotel-specific channels and menus. Being able to meet these customization requests flexibly and promptly was also a big factor.

The combined strength of an engineer and sales person working together as one.

Is this something other companies are not able to do?

Not exactly, but at Uniden, the difference is speed. Sales is only a floor away from engineering. Being in the same building puts us close enough to be able to immediately incorporate requests from sales into products. Obviously, this also shortens delivery drastically. The sense of accomplishment is like nothing else when the customer shows their satisfaction.

My dream is to sell under the Uniden brand.

What goals do you have right now?

Currently, I'm working on developing an OEM sales channel for vehicle-mounted digital tuners and I've been able to appreciate how this OEM project has helped to raise the level of recognition that users have of Uniden. I want to build on this foundation so that we can sell under the Uniden brand. In order to achieve this dream, I'm already approaching general home appliance retailers.

Kohei Takahashi


Kohei Takahashi Assistant Manager, Digital Home Electronics Headquarters
Responsible for corporate sales
Joined company in 2005

Takahashi handles corporate sales for a new product group at Uniden: LCD televisions and digital tuners. His job is to make proposals bear fruit by adjusting and negotiating proposals tailored to the needs of hotels, hospitals, storefronts, and other business users.