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Products uniquely unique  Be up for the challenge, any challenge. Try before saying it can't be done.  Fumihiko Kobayashi Assistant Division Director, Engineering Headquarters  Joined company in 1987

Never say it can't be done. And, if you really want it, make it today,not tomorrow.

Frankly speaking, you can do anything if you spend enough time and money. Exactly how you go about reducing those two elements is what makes a Uniden engineer. For instance, Uniden makes a great number of OEM products. The very fact that companies approach us with OEM projects implies a very specific demand exists at that time. This is why we need to deliver as soon as we receive the offer. At the same time, we also need to resolve cost issues. The true spirit of an engineer lies in having the courage to take on these challenges and deliver the results

——Most of the mechanical components that Kobayashi works on are custom made. To make products that offer the highest level of performance while adhering to cost reduction requirements, Kobayashi definitively asserts the true sign of a good mechanical engineer is the ability to make full use of resources, including overseas vendors, to turn ideas into form.

When we started developing the LCD television set, we started at square one by opening up the TV sets of our competitors. However, when our own sets were launched in 2005, we were able to price them at almost half that of our competitors while achieving a unique furniture-like design with a glossy finish. It is true ,however, that having 3D CAD designing skills for making full solid molds, and the expertise for making cordless telephones was helpful. Yet the most important thing was that we were up for any challenge. There was no room for being bigheaded. Before saying it can't be done, try. There is so much to be gained,however steep the learning curve. That is why our company aggressively assigns valuable work to new recruits after only their second year. Within five years they all become fully-fledged engineers.

——As vice director of the engineering headquarters, Kobayashi also directs his attention to developing human resources. His mind already has visions of a success story for what is now a fresh mock-up for sales, but targeted as a product for a new category.

Fumihiko Kobayashi


Fumihiko Kobayashi Assistant Division Director,
Engineering Headquarters
Joined company in 1997

Kobayashi designs Uniden's largest product, LCD televisions. His work goes on day and night to improve products that are uniquely unique and more accessible to a greater number of users. Kobayashi also uses his level-headed vision to keep ideas for concept models warm.