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Relentless quest to make products easier to produce and easier to sell  In addition to design and functionality, cost performance is the most important element for this category where products must be made easier to produce and sell from the design phase.  Yoshihiro Iida  Manager, Engineering Headquarters  Joined company in 1997

Showing individuality without being influenced by existing methodology. That is what makes the job of an engineer enjoyable.

In a good sense, Uniden is the kind of company where 'output means everything'. Because of this, there is always room for engineers to make improvements upon improvements, without being tied to how things were done in the past. Answering requests from sales and solving cost restraints are up to the skill of each engineer. In my case, I always ask myself what I can do to make this more efficient for everyone in the factory or, what kind of operability would give the best user experience. For example, to improve manufacturing efficiency in the factory and reduce costs, I keep in mind the use of common components and try to incorporate designs that require fewer inspection items. And to improve the user's experience with a product, I do a comprehensive comparison against the competitor's product during the concept forming stage.

——Iida also tells us how Uniden has an environment in place that lets him practice his design philosophy where members from sales, mechanical, software, and electrical engineering work together, face-to-face.

Electrical engineering plays an increasingly strong role in laying the groundwork for the entire manufacturing process. For that reason, the opportunity to come up with flexible solutions continues to increase as face-to-face discussions go on between mechanical and software engineers. Call it the reversible nature, or accommodating nature of development work. This is where new ways of doing things are born. Lately, products are taking a noticeable shift from electrical to software dependency, which is why I tell myself to concentrate on the design without worrying about the boundaries between our specialties.

——Meanwhile, Iida takes time out of his busy schedule to participate in software training classes in the hope that this borderless development philosophy will open new possibilities for Uniden. Each day, Iida feeds his hunger for new knowledge.

Yoshihiro Iida


Yoshihiro Iida Manager, Engineering Headquarters
Electrical engineer for cordless telephones
Joined company in 1997

Iida is responsible for the electrical design of Uniden's core business, cordless telephones.