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Benefits of development based on a select group of competent individuals  Achieving quality and cost performance The development team that launched digital tuners to the world  Yuichi Watanabe  Manager, Engineering Headquarters  Joined company in 1997

Everything is in your hands. That's the good thing about Uniden's development.

I believe the advantage of our development organization is that it is based on a select group of competent individuals. Where other companies may split a job among three to five individuals, we accomplish it with one or two. This gives people greater latitude and allows them to reflect their style in their designs. Even though I am responsible for software design, my involvement extends to all processes from concept to basic design, implementation, testing, and mass production. Working on a product with such dedication is very rewarding. In exchange, each person bears a huge responsibility that requires everyone to be on his or her best game. This is great for people who do not want to be another cog in the wheel, but probably hard for people who are passive and prefer working at their own pace.

——A mixed team staffed with an engineer that had worked on a TV project at another company handled the development project for the digital tuner. This gave everyone the opportunity to glean knowledge from his or her peers. Watanabe reflects on how development was made more efficient by everyone taking an active role in each other's area.

Development is not a vertically segregated model-specific effort. We can also communicate closely with hardware engineers because we all work on the same floor. This lets us absorb knowledge beyond our field of expertise and makes us better rounded as engineers. Additionally, each person works concurrently on several product developments, which allows smooth migration of technology to other products. This development culture helps streamline our development process and enables us to squeeze the last drop out of our costs. In my case, the past experience of having packed as much functionality as possible into a tiny memory for analog cordless telephones served me well in reducing the cost of the digital tuner.

——Watanabe feels that Uniden's style of moving toward the right target at full force makes work interesting and rewarding because it lets him experience many new worlds. His motto, "Run with all your might!" demonstrates his fearlessness to keep moving ahead.

Yuichi Watanabe


Yuichi Watanabe Manager, Engineering Headquarters
Software engineer for digital home appliances
Joined company in 1997

Watanabe, involved with software design since the launch of the digital home appliances division in 2005, has been a driving force behind Uniden's evolution. Using the efficiency afforded by a select group of competent individuals, he has launched digital home appliances that offer both quality and cost performance, and plays a significant role in bringing digital broadcast to the masses.